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rsocket-py Introduction


The python package API is not stable. There may be changes until version 1.0.0.

The python rsocket package implements the 1.0 version of the RSocket protocol (excluding "resume" functionality) and is designed for use in python >= 3.8 using asyncio.


See Quick Start for a short getting started guide, and Tutorial for a more in depth step by step construction of an application.

Use the Command-line tool to quickly interact with an RSocket server without writing code.

Other code snippets examples for Client, Server and RxPy integration are also available.

API Documentation (Under construction) is available at ReadTheDocs


A pip package is available when installing with pip install rsocket (rsocket)

Optionally, install using some extras:

  • rx: RxPy3 client
  • reactivex: RxPy4 client
  • aiohttp: Websocket server/client transport for aiohttp framework
  • quart: Websocket server transport for quart framework
  • quic: QUIC/HTTP3(wss) support
  • cli: Command line interface


The following are currently implemented:

  • RSocketClient / RSocketServer
  • Transports:
    • TCP
    • QUIC/HTTP3(wss)
    • Websocket (aiohttp (server/client), quart (server)
  • Simple load balancing
  • Minimal integration with RxPy (>= 3.x) and reactivex
  • Command line interface